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Bidding Mistakes Corrected Helps Win First Job Quick note - I got my first contract today - editing 400-500 word articles ... This came about because I reviewed your 5 mistakes article... Thanks for all the guidance. -Gail K.

Small Adjustment to Bidding Process Was Breakthrough Small change to bidding process produces flood of opportunity for live-abroad freelancing member... Read more

Changing Proposals Proves to be a Game Changer and Leads to Success! So, your (coaching) call was very helpful. I adjusted my proposals, and last week I got slammed with work... Read more

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It was a pleasure speaking to you today on the live conference call, very informative. I love your program. Kind Regards, Javier

Let me start by saying that I'm thrilled with the Speak English and Get Paid materials. Very well put together. Thank you, Jeff

I'm a 63 year old soon to be retired blue collar worker without a college education. I've thought about teaching English on a volunteer basis... I made contact with a few schools in Peru... Read more

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Baby Boomers: Expert Advice, Tools and Insights for Earning a Portable Income by Putting Your Skills On The Global Market From Anywhere in the World

By Winton Churchill

Barefoot Consultants is the place Baby Boomers can get the tools and information you need to learn how to uncover your most powerful earning skills and turn them into a portable income.

As a "Barefoot Consultant" you'll gain the knowledge and ability to tap into the freelance economy and earn money from anywhere in the world.

Choosing Good Elance Clients Means More SuccessChoosing Good Elance Clients Means More Success
By Juanita Hernandez
As a new freelancer on Elance, you may feel like you are at the mercy of the client or buyer, but you would be wrong. You have much more control than you think. . . . keep reading

Pros and Cons of Online English Teaching CertificationPros and Cons of Online English Teaching Certification
by Kary Vannice
Online TEFL certification courses can be a good option for some people. While these courses are usually cheaper and can be done at your own pace, they can't, by their very nature, offer some critical training.TEFL courses are designed to teach you how to teach. We all know English and how to speak it, but teaching English can be much, much easier if you take a certification course... . . . keep reading

Showcase Your Skills On ElanceShowcase Your Skills On Elance
by Juanita Hernandez
Did you know that most freelancers never bother to take a skill test? Did you know that 76% of clients prefer freelancers with tested skills? Did you know you are 3 times more likely to get awarded a job if you have taken a skill test? What are you waiting for? . . . keep reading

How to Spend Less Time Searching For JobsHow to Spend Less Time Searching For Jobs
by Juanita Hernandez
Everyone is talking about keywords, but what exactly are keywords? Well, keywords have different meanings for different people - more specifically, different meanings for different purposes. Let's talk about keywords from the perspective of a new freelancer. . . . keep reading

Crafting a Winning Elance ProfileCrafting a Winning Elance Profile
By Winton Churchill
One of the great things about becoming a freelance writer or editor on Elance is that you can start bidding for jobs almost immediately. Before you place a bid on your first job, take a little time to complete your Elance profile. Many Elancers stumble badly when it comes to making an effective profile. Here are some tips to set your profile apart from the competition... . . . keep reading




Profitable Elance Keywords
By Myrla Boesch
OK, so you've heard about keywords on Elance, and how important they are. But, for some reason, finding the right ones keeps eluding you. Every time you think you have them figured out you look at them again and think "That isn't 'me'". . . . keep reading
Entrepreneurial Freedom Via Elance
Winton Churchill & Annette Rossi
Entrepreneurial Freedom Via Elance Are you an entrepreneur, stuck in a cubicle, pining for the freedom to pursue your own creative muse and engage in something that matters? Instead, do you find yourself feeding someone else's internal bureaucracy, with myriad forms and endless meetings? If so, you are not alone. . . . keep reading
Teaching English, a Springboard to Other Opportunities
By Kary Vannice
Teaching English, a Springboard to Other Opportunities Over the last week or so traveling here in Ecuador, I have made a point to talk with Expats who appear to be living and working successfully on foreign soil. To my surprise, I have found that many started off teaching English; and most started off teaching in a country other than Ecuador. . . . keep reading
Using Elance Levels and Stats to Your Advantage
By John Horsley
Using Elance Levels and Stats to Your Advantage If you are looking to get hired as a freelancer on Elance, you'll want to be sure that you stand out from the crowd. Many freelancers offer similar services, with a broad range of prices, from which to choose. So how can you make sure that you are the one who'll be hired? . . . keep reading
Elance's Wonderful Workroom Widgets-- Your Hidden Secret To Greater Productivity
By Juanita Hernandez
Elance's Wonderful Workroom Widgets-- Your Hidden Secret To Greater Productivity Do you ever wish you could work smarter and avoid time-consuming technical problems on Elance? Have you tried the Elance Workroom Widgets? . . . keep reading
Elance Jobs that Scream PASS!
Winton Churchill and Sharon Dyer
You've found an Elance job that looks tempting...You ask yourself, "Should I bid on this job?" But, it can be hard to know if it's the "right" job for you. Would you like to know how to evaluate job descriptions so you can skip less desirable jobs and focus on good jobs from quality buyers? Read on . . . keep reading
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