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Bidding Mistakes Corrected Helps Win First Job Quick note - I got my first contract today - editing 400-500 word articles ... This came about because I reviewed your 5 mistakes article... Thanks for all the guidance. -Gail K.

Small Adjustment to Bidding Process Was Breakthrough Small change to bidding process produces flood of opportunity for live-abroad freelancing member... Read more

Changing Proposals Proves to be a Game Changer and Leads to Success! So, your (coaching) call was very helpful. I adjusted my proposals, and last week I got slammed with work... Read more

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It was a pleasure speaking to you today on the live conference call, very informative. I love your program. Kind Regards, Javier

Let me start by saying that I'm thrilled with the Speak English and Get Paid materials. Very well put together. Thank you, Jeff

I'm a 63 year old soon to be retired blue collar worker without a college education. I've thought about teaching English on a volunteer basis... I made contact with a few schools in Peru... Read more

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Baby Boomers: Expert Advice, Tools and Insights for Earning a Portable Income by Putting Your Skills On The Global Market From Anywhere in the World

By Winton Churchill

Barefoot Consultants is the place Baby Boomers can get the tools and information you need to learn how to uncover your most powerful earning skills and turn them into a portable income.

As a "Barefoot Consultant" you'll gain the knowledge and ability to tap into the freelance economy and earn money from anywhere in the world.




5 Common Freelance Bidding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
By Winton Churchill & Phil Bode
5 Common Freelance Bidding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Learning from your mistakes is an essential quality for achieving your goals, but this process can be particularly painful and frustrating for new freelancers. Learning from others, however, can help pave the road to success more quickly. . . . keep reading
The Magic of Your Upwork Overview
By Winton Churchill & Faith Cryan
The Magic of Your Upwork Overview If you're struggling to craft an Upwork overview that buyers find irresistible, then you've come to the right coach! That's because you're about to discover my easy, 5-step method for showcasing your skills and telling buyers why you're the best freelancer for their project. . . . keep reading
What do I Put for an Hourly Rate on my Upwork Profile?
By Kary Vannice
What do I Put for an Hourly Rate on my Upwork Profile? You are a highly skilled, experienced career professional, but you're starting out in a new arena, the freelancing arena. So, it's difficult to know where to position yourself and what to "charge" your new clients. After all, you want to get paid what you're worth, but not price yourself out of opportunity. . . . keep reading
Barefoot Consultants' 4 Ways of Writing Better Quality Content For Your Global Business… Faster and with Less Stress
By Winton Churchill & Barefoot Consultants Staff - November 02, 2015
If your working abroad strategy includes writing a blog, coming up with content for an article, or producing copy for a client on Elance, you may be about to experience a breakthrough in your writing speed and quality. . . . keep reading
The Overlooked Key to Successfully Teaching English Abroad
By Kary Vannice
The Overlooked Key to Successfully Teaching English Abroad What is the one thing you should be doing to help ensure your success as an English teacher abroad? I guarantee you this isn't on any of the checklists out there that tell you how to get a teaching post in a foreign country. . . . keep reading
The Mind of a Freelancer: 5 Tips for Finding Your Groove!
By Winton Churchill & Eugenia Linam
The Mind of a Freelancer: 5 Tips for Finding Your Groove! Do you find yourself making to-do lists and not completing them? Do you suddenly find yourself organizing your office instead of working on your freelance profile? Are you just plain immobilized? Good news! The following 5 tips can help you find your freelancing groove. . . . keep reading
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